What’s Working

Resources, training and support for online church

Influencer Interviews

Keeping active in the community by feeding families and loving on first responders and medical staff

Rapid response teams to help people in community

Online prayer requests

Being essential in the community (feeding people, paying bills)

What’s the most tangible way to bring hope and healing right now:

1. Provide food/drinks

2. Partnering with Convoy of Hope to provide many meals

3. Take up a love offering for those in need

Make online services more engaging.

Shares the story of his neighbor that saw his sermon live on You Tube, and then came over to pastor’s home to renew his faith in Christ.

God is not limited by our ability (or lack thereof!) to gather in a church. He is bringing many people to faith through online means.

 The mission is the same, but the tools are different

Increase in connection opportunities

Being “ultra flexible” during this time

Team brainstorming

Community involvement

“Keeping it real” with live services

Daily live devotionals

Good content to challenge and encourage congregatioin

Keep “regular” church staff online, doing what they normally do (greeters saying hello, announcement staff making announcements, etc.)

Allow staff to feel like they are adding value to the online experience

Have elements of engagement online (on the screen) for those who close out the chat option

Dialog with the camera, don’t just preach to it!

Live vs. Simulated Live services, do services at the same (normal) service times, have a Zoom meeting with staff during services to make sure each guest is being spoken to

Church architect and building guru, Mark Allen, talks about the highest and best use for facilities post Covid19.

Quick Wins from Pastors

A cozy, personal “living room” set for online services

Online prayer request system

Salvation link with live pastor on call

Mix of prerecorded music and live message

Easter greeting videos from congregation to help the church feel connected

What happens when a power outage hits in the middle of the sermon?

Unpolished and imperfect, but God uses authenticity 

Encouraging the congregation to hit “share” to invite friends to online services

Staff calling congregation to pray and offer help

Personal and caring online sermons

Call lists for consistency and accountability

Preparation is key, so plan now for your online ministry

Shifting your content

Pastoring Monday through Sunday

Fun “Pregame show” at the start of each service for announcements

Honest, authentic communication with a conversational approach (films in lobby, in his car)

Youth Pastor Segment, “Cooking with Miles”

Community involvement and finding ways to help


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