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We’re on an olympic journey. The world we live in has been upended by an unforeseen moment and from this point forward community, education, and faith will look much different. 

Artifact Interactive is developing a suit of digital products that will bring us all together in the new era of social distancing. We’re working passionately to  ensure that the positive voices are heard, and that our ability  as humans to find community is elevated.

Action Notes Artifact Interactive

Meet our team

Andrew Statezny

Andrew Statezny

Artifact President

Andrew has worked with hundreds of  churches on their digital strategy. Each week these churches are reaching millions of people online. From his time at Life Church leading the Network of Churches and Open Team to moving to California and creating the future of the church both in person and online, he has been committed to pastors maximizing their reach with the best training and tools.

Andrew is a digital mentor to many in the global church. He is based in San Diego, California and is married to Amy. They have two sons.


Britt Midgette

VP of Experience

Britt began his career in youth ministry. After graduating from Bethany University. he gradually transitioned to the Creative Director roll  where he led music, and digital media.

After planting and merging the Village Church Britt sought a career in digital design. Ten tears later  he has designed solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world like Mazda USA, & Under Armour. As co-founder of Artifact, experience design and data visualization  are Britt’s contribution to the team.


Chuck Shyblosky

Director of Sales & Markets

Charles Shyblosky has worked with 1,000’s of churches leading them in developing their strategies around digital tools. He was in the founding cohort of the Media Shout app in the early two thousands.

Chuck is an expert at customer service and marketing and his years in pastoral ministry give him a unique understanding of the the inter-workings of the church including the needs of a pastor from day to day. Chuck is the perfect fit to steward the customer experience at Artifact

"The goal is to turn data into information,
and information into insight."

~Carly Fiorina

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